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Integrated Digital Marketing

Marketing Can Be Overwhelming.

The Good News Is, You Have Options.

Digital marketing is most effective when you employ an integrated strategy that combines a great website, SEO, social media, targeted advertising and the fresh, engaging content customized to your needs.

Luckily, you can get all that from me.

I offer package pricing for two or more services to encourage my clients to make the best decision for their digital marketing strategy, each service is available a la carte as well. 

Website Development

Elegant, engaging websites that convert users into customers, built on a secure framework.

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I build elegant, engaging websites using on WordPress using the Divi theme to create custom experiences for each of my clients. Using Divi ensures that your site will be as secure as possible and ensures that your theme will always be updated to be compatible with the latest version of WordPress. I work with you to understand your business goals, your customer persona and your competition to create the most effective online storefront for your business. Built with basic SEO requirements fulfilled and optimized for mobile, you can rest assured that your site will help you accomplish your goals and showcase your brand the day we launch.

Every site build includes:

  • A lifetime Divi license
  • Image optimization
  • Meta titles and descriptions
  • Caching plug-ins
  • Anti-spam and malware protection
  • 1 year of site maintenance

I am able to create your onsite content and supply images and graphics as needed.

Social Media Management

Elevate your brand with a robust social media presence and engaging content.

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Social media is a lot more complicated and time-consuming than most people want to think it is. Deciding which platforms to use and how is a task in and of itself.

For the past ten years, I have been a social media enthusiast and student – understanding new platforms, their capabilities, and audiences as quickly as they come to market. I understand the landscape and will be able to guide you to the platforms and tactics that will generate engagement and enhance your brand story with your best customers.

Depending on your needs, I will create a custom content plan to help you tell your story and expand your reach using organic and paid methods.

Targeted Digital Advertising

Get your message in front of the right eyeballs at the right time.

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Psst – wanna know a secret? Google doesn’t want you to get how Adwords works. If you get it, they don’t make as much money. This is why they’ve created these handy-dandy “smart campaigns” for novices. Let me assure you, there is nothing smart about those campaigns. They will waste your budget on irrelevant keywords, and apply the same logic and algorithms to your campaign as they do all of your competitors. Doesn’t sound so smart, does it?

I have over 10 years of experience navigating the ever-changing landscape that is paid digital. From Adwords – (now Google Ads) to programmatic vendors, to social ads, rich media big splash campaigns, and video – I’ve seen it, optimized it, negotiated rates on it and reported on it. I know what platforms and tactics produce the best results for your specific business goals and treat your ad budget like it’s my money. I don’t like wasting money.

Content Creation

From website content to social media, blogs and ad copy I have you covered.

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Clear, concise, compelling content is essential for any marketing tactic. You are nothing without your message. I create custom content for websites, blogs, ads and social media that enhances your brand and drives SEO ranking.

Email Marketing

Stay in contact with your customers with regular, useful, engaging email marketing.

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Email is not dead! I can help you leverage your existing email list to drive results using thoughtfully planned email cadences designed to bring your customers back for more.

Don’t have an existing list? That’s ok! I can help you build one using lead generation tactics on your website and through social media ads.

Search Engine Optimization

Data-driven programs to keep your site ranking for the keywords that mean success.

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SEO is the most important piece in any digital marketing strategy. It affects not only your organic results (how people find your website when they search for related keywords) but it has a huge impact on any keyword-driven ad campaign you put your hard fought for marketing dollars behind.

Your cost per click on search campaigns is greatly impacted by your overall rank for any keyword you bid on, and the number of times your ad is served may be limited by a poor quality score due to lack of search engine optimization.

I encourage all my clients to start with SEO before any other service because when it comes to online visibility SEO is everything and if you’re not first – you’re last.

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